Deff-initely Milwaukee: Conversation with Milwaukee Ballet's longest serving Artistic Director

MILWAUKEE — He's the longest-serving Artistic Director in the History of Milwaukee Ballet. After 17 years, Michael Pink is responsible for

Michael Pink

plenty of growth in the arts and entertainment scene in Milwaukee. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh catches up with the renowned choreographer at the brand new Baumgartner Center for Dance in the Third Ward. They discuss what drew Pink to Milwaukee from his native England, the magic of shows like the Nutcracker and how he creates narrative in his choreography without being able to rely on dialogue or song lyrics.

In the FOX6 Pack of Questions, Chief Meteorologist Rob Haswell explains how a psychic predicted his path to Milwaukee and his time on the high-seas in Toronto as a first mate and DJ.

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