Ted Perry talks Gov. Scott Walker and the Indian mascot bill

In this edition of "The Teditorial," Ted Perry discusses Gov. Scott Walker and the Indian mascot bill that currently sits on the Governor's desk.

As a national debate over the issue of Indian mascots rages, with controversy swirling around the NFL’s Redskins, a fierce fight has exploded in the Wisconsin Legislature.

It centers on the Mukwonago Area School District, which has refused to change its “Indians” name despite a state law and court ruling.

The Indian name and logo, in full headdress, is still splashed across the stands and the school’s signage.

Current Wisconsin law makes it easy for citizens to challenge Indian mascots and have them removed, but controversial bills, passed through both the state Senate and the Assembly would change that, making it easier for schools to keep their mascots — even over the objections of Native Americans.

In "The Teditorial," Ted Perry provides his commentary on the decision he feels Gov. Walker should make in this case. CLICK the video link above to get "Ted's Take."