Zoo officials say 'Giraffe Cam' to be taken down after April suffers leg injury

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. -- Millions have been watching April the giraffe's livestream, but, on Monday, April 17th zoo officials said they will pull the video feed after April suffered an injury.

Animal Adventure Park posted on Facebook that, just days after giving birth to her calf, April twisted one of her legs, which zoo officials say is not uncommon with animals her size.

Park officials added that they've been bogged down with messages about April, which have been affecting their email servers and say it's the reason why they're taking down the "Giraffe Cam."

As of Monday evening, that livestream was still running.

April has been the subject of international attention since the live feed was turned on in February. On Saturday, after months of anticipation, April gave birth to her fourth calf.

The Animal Adventure Park currently has a contest underway to name the male calf. It costs $1 to cast a vote, and the park says the money will go to three different causes: giraffe conservation, "Ava's Little Heroes" – an event named after the park owners' daughter who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy – and to further improvements at Animal Adventure Park.