Zina Haughton's attorney issues statement on events leading to spa shooting

BROWN DEER -- The attorney for Zina Haughton says there is information she wants to get out. On Friday, October 26th, Haughton's attorney issued a pre-recorded statement about events leading up to the shooting.

Zina Haughton is one of three women killed by her husband, Radcliffe Haughton in the mass shooting at a Brookfield spa on Sunday, October 21st. 

Lisa Martin was Haughton's lawyer for her restraining order last week. FOX6 News' Myra Sanchick called Martin on Tuesday to ask for her thoughts in this tragedy as the audio of court proceedings were made public. Instead, martin asked if I had children, told Sanchick she felt as if she was being stalked by the media and said she would not comment due to lawyer client privilege.

On Thursday, October 25th, Martin went to Brown Deer Police and made a recording that police are now posting on the village's website. That recording was released on Friday and Martin did not want her face shown.

In the statement, she said, "I contacted the Brown Deer Police Department because the information that I'm seeing in the media and reading in the media about the Brown Deer Police Department is grossly inaccurate."

In a question and answer session with a Brown Deer police captain, Martin talked about a police situation in January 2011. Martin says Zina Haughton repeatedly told Brown Deer officers she didn't want her husband arrested and that he had no guns. A criminal complaint stated officers believed he pointed a gun from a window. Martin says this is what Zina told her on the way back from court.

"She said that there just was no gun that night. She said it was the vacuum cleaner tube. But in the dark it is the same size and shape and it looked just like a gun and she said to him afterwards, 'Are you crazy Rad?' They could have shot and killed you for that," said Martin in the statement.

Martin says Zina Haughton did not know her husband was arrested in court for that incident, posted cash bond, and had a no contact order. Martin says Brown Deer police were helpful in the restraining order process.

"Zina  truly appreciated all the work that Brown Deer did to help her. You got though to her. And it gets a long time to get through to victims of domestic abuse," said Martin.

Martin was asked how Zina Haughton felt about the service she received from the Brown Deer Police Department. 

"She was very happy with the service that she got from you," said Martin in the statement.

After her taped interview on Thursday, Martin told Brown Deer police she did not want to be contacted by the media. She indicated she would file complaints and seek prosecution if media violates any laws while trying to do that.

FOX6 News was not able to question or further explore any of the comments Martin made in the recorded interview.

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