Zerban campaign hosts DNC watch party in Kenosha

KENOSHA -- The Democratic National Convention kicked off Tuesday, September 4th in Charlotte, North Carolina. Democrats in Wisconsin are paying close attention to the Covnention -- just as Wisconsin Republicans did last week. A "watch party" was held Tuesday evening in Kenosha -- put on by the Rob Zerban campaign.

Zerban is running against Janesville Congressman and vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan for Congress. The watch party Tuesday night was all about supporting President Barack Obama, and getting excited about his re-election Convention.

Obama supporters and Democrats gathered at the Democratic Victory Center in Kenosha for the opening night of the Democratic National Convention -- a night that included a speech by first lady Michelle Obama.

"He is trying to keep the Social Security and the things that people have worked for all their lives so that when they retire they can have something," Kenosha resident Linda Horton said.

Republicans like GOP nominee Mitt Romney's Wisconsin co-chair Ted Kanavas say no Democrat at their Convention can escape a simple question.

"What Wisconsinites and Americans are doing is saying, 'are you better off than you were four years ago when he took office?' I think the vast majority of people would say 'no this has been a tough four years.' He is trying to keep the Social Security and the things people have worked for all their lives, so that when they retire, they can have something," Kanavas said.

Based on the enthusiasm in the room Tuesday night -- Democrats disagree.

"The gulf between rich and poor would probably be even wider. Pollution might be worse. Jobs might not be growing as much as they have," Kenosha resident Hans Schneider said.

There are watch parties planned in Kenosha for Wednesday and Thursday as well. President Barack Obama is expected to address the Convention as the event wraps up Thursday night. Obama's speech will be preceded by a prime time keynote address from Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin.

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