"You've got a better car than me!" Outraged, man confronts panhandler he gives money to "every day"

OKLAHOMA CITY (WITI) -- A man confronted a 78-year-old woman whom he says scammed him at least three times when she was begging on the street.

When the man saw the woman get into a 2013 Fiat, he became enraged, and started yelling at the woman for taking his money.

The man says he gave the woman money "every day" -- one day not eating so that he could instead give the woman money for food.

Another woman says she gave the woman money as well. She had this to say on YouTube, with the video you'll see posted below:

"I gave the lady in the video money the other day because she holding a sign that said '78-year-old widow needs money for food.' Yesterday I pulled up to the Shell on the same corner and saw her sitting in this cute little Fiat. As I'm sitting there thinking 'I got scammed by a little old lady,' a man approached her car...and this is what happened next..."

WARNING: The video you'll see below contains strong language that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

According to the Homeless Alliance, about 20% of all panhandlers are actually homeless.

"By far the majority of panhandlers we see are panhandling for cash -- typically to support unhealthy behaviors, often alcoholism and other addictions," Dan Straughan, the executive director of the Homeless Alliance said.

The Homeless Alliance says one way people can better help the homeless is by giving them information about nearby shelters and a bus ticket to get there.