Youth golf tournament at Currie Park

A free golf tournament in Wauwatosa is bringing young golfers together from all different backgrounds. 

It’s always good to start them young. 

"I’ve been playing golf my whole life," said Yusouf Gladney

Yusouf Gladney

And that is the mission of the first-ever Fellowship Youth Open, a free golf tournament at Currie Park Golf Course. 

"Our primary goal has always been engagement. Getting more kids involved in golf," said William Young, the director of the tournament.

Engagement, community, and inclusion.

"All shades, sizes, colors, ethnicities, cultures. We have an opportunity to take them aside while they’re hitting balls and talk to them. It’s a beautiful thing." 

William Young

William Young with the Fellowship Open got together with local organizations like PGA Reach Wisconsin to make this happen.  

"I feel like golf should represent the population, and it doesn’t. It never has. It's getting better every year. I feel like if we do our part to make it even more inclusive, it will just improve," said Joe Stadler, Wisconsin Junior PGA Foundation executive director.

Encouraging golfers like Yusouf Gladney and his brother to hit the green. 

"It's kind of obvious, there's not many of me and my brother out playing golf so I feel like the more the merrier. Having more of us in the community can't be anything but great," said Young.

Top finishers of Friday's tournament get to play in the annual Fellowship Open on August 19.