"Youth are the most powerful voices:" Hundreds of girls stand up against bullying

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The end of bullying begins with you! That's the message a local girl is spreading as she tries to tackle the widespread issue of bullying. She's reaching out to inspire teens to have confidence and stand up against intimidation.

"It's not healthy to have the majority of our teens face something as harmful as bullying," said Ananya Murali, a Shorewood High School junior.

Murali decided to focus a special project on combating bullying. She applied for grants and received $2,000 to conduct an anti-bullying/leadership camp.

"90% of kids in grades 4-8 have been victims of bullying, so I want to choose something to reduce the number," said Murali.

On Saturday, December 6th, more than 100 girls from Glen Hills Middle School participated in the inspirational and educational event.

"It's incredibly important to have a program like this. I think middle school is a time in which girls are searching for their own self-identity and think a program in which we are creating and promoting leadership with our young ladies help build that sense of self-esteem," said Glen Hills Middle School Principal, Dr. Haydee Smith.

Bullying comes in many forms. Glendale police were on hand to talk about how teens can protect themselves and each other and about conflict resolution.

A yoga session encouraged the girls to keep their mind and body at peace. Tools were given that will help these girls have an impact on others in the future.

"Youth are the most powerful voices in the world and I'm hoping that after today, they will have the skills and strategies they need to tackle new challenging situations and be able to intervene in a situation and become better leaders," said Murali.

The event was such a success, the school pans on holding an annual program school-wide.