'You see nothing but smiles:' Bag a bigger buck than you can handle? Here's how to donate it to those in need

Bunzel's Meat Market

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer hunting season got underway Saturday morning, Nov. 23, with more than 460,000 hunters hitting the woods. On Sunday, Nov. 24, Bunzel's Meat Market on Burleigh Street near 92nd Street was a busy place, with butchers processing the meat.

"There's a lot of meat consumed in this country, and I'm happy to be a part of it," said Vinny, butcher at Bunzel's. "Go ahead and debone the whole thing for them. Cut their nice steaks, roast out of it. However they want their chops -- back straps."

Those at Bunzel's said nice weather during opening weekend meant a lot of hunters bringing in big hauls.

"Our numbers are definitely up from last year," said Vinny.

Butchers said there are options for hunters who might bring back more than they can handle.

"They can come on in, bring it, and we will process it," said Vinny. "We'll make sure it goes to a food pantry and a handful of people get to take it home and put it on their plates."

That extra meat can be donated to those in need.

"A lot of the hunters are glad to do it, happy to do it," said Vinny. "Dropping it off at the place, you see nothing but smiles walking through that door."

If you donate the entire deer, the processing is free at Bunzel's.

"They're excited for it just as much as the hunters are excited for it," said Vinny of the recipients.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Wisconsin's deer donation program.