'You never know:' Team Rubicon provides disaster relief training to Wisconsin volunteers

MILWAUKEE -- Over the weekend of Jan. 12, dozens of people traveled to Wisconsin to learn more about a critical, live-saving skill: disaster relief. Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster response organization, held what they call Go Day Disaster Training at the Milwaukee Fire Academy, the first event of its kind in Milwaukee.

"We integrate directly into the response without causing a burden on the community in any way," said John Stuhlmacher, Milwaukee administrator for Team Rubicon.

Go Day is the anniversary of when Team Rubicon was founded, but this is the first time the group has trained in the area. More than 60 volunteers showed up from across the Midwest to learn how to help people after a disaster strikes.

"It's really neat just to network with all these people with all these different backgrounds," said volunteer Jennifer Rubin.

The training included three different classes, including instructor training and disaster analytics. There was also a class for those who will be deployed right after a disaster.

"You never know when a natural disaster is going to hit, so I want to get all the training under my belt as soon as I possibly can" said Rubin.

Team Rubicon volunteers hope to make this an annual event in Milwaukee.

John Stuhlmacher

"We're here with people who have a genuine concern for others," said Stuhlmacher.

A disaster can hit at any moment, but this group will now be ready if it does.

"We have three different trainings set up where volunteers from across the Midwest have traveled and given up their time to learn how to better rapidly respond to disasters," said Stuhlmacher.

The organization is currently deploying volunteers to Mexico Beach, FL in response to Hurricane Michael.