You can help the Milwaukee Public Museum re-imagine the Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit

MILWAUKEE -- When the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) opened the Streets of Old Milwaukee (Streets) in 1965, museum officials couldn’t have imagined its future popularity. Throughout the last 50 years, this beloved exhibit has become part of the Milwaukee story and holds a special spot in the heart of every Milwaukeean. Streets Reimagined will continue to carry on that heritage.

After MPM announced Streets would temporarily close for renovation, museum officials received numerous calls, emails and social media mentions from fans. Interest in the reimagination was so high, MPM wanted to offer the community opportunities to participate in the experience.

“One of the greatest parts about working on Streets is the memories people want to share with you,” said Julian Jackson the Museum’s Director of Exhibits and Graphics. “Everyone has a story about the first time they saw Streets, or the first time they brought their own children. What really surprised us was how many people talk about an item that may have belonged to their grandparents or great-grandparents currently housed in the exhibit. Everyone wants something of theirs in Streets.”

Here’s the chance for every Milwaukeean to have something of their own in Streets. Several special projects to “Complete the Streets” still need funding. We believe that supporting these special projects will provide Milwaukeeans with another Streets’ story to tell.

Whether you miss the working water pump, want to pedal a high-wheel bicycle or long to smell the scent of a turn-of-the 19th-century bakery, every Streets fan will find a favorite they want to see in the exhibit. You can donate a little, or a lot, but the next time you and your family stroll down the cobblestones, you’ll be able to point out the part of Streets that you helped make possible.

The “Complete the Streets” campaign will run from August 25 to October 6.

Descriptions of each of these special projects is available at and contributions of any amount are fully tax-deductible.

Streets of Old Milwaukee will reopen in December 2015.