Yoga studio offering virtual classes amid the coronavirus pandemic

WHITEFISH BAY -- Creativity for businesses seems critical amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with many ordered closed, and one company has found ways to stay to relevant to its customers and community using just that.

While many are walking to get their exercise and peace of mind, a Whitefish Bay yoga studio is giving people an at-home option during this pandemic.

"We're all going through the exact same situation," said Matt Weyenburg, co-owner of Empower Yoga.

Weyenburg and his wife, Suzy, own Empower Yoga in Whitefish Bay. With their studios closed, they decided to continue offering classes virtually. The classes, taught by his staff, are designed for all levels and ages, including children.

Like many businesses in this time, workers are having a tough time financially. So, Matt and Suzy are trying to help. Knowing that there are others hurting as well, they're also reaching out -- making donations to Feeding America.

As yoga is for the body, mind and soul, Empower Yoga is making sure to also include the community.

The Weyenburgs came up with the idea of virtual classes when they realized this could be a problem here while on a retreat in Costa Rica in January when China's issues with COVID-19 became so serious.