"Y'all got a lighter?" Cell phone video shows woman setting fatal fire near 12th and Wright

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a homicide and arson near 12th and Wright that happened Friday, June 16th. FOX6 News has obtained cell phone video that shows a woman setting the fire that killed a 72-year-old man.

Authorities were called to the scene shortly before 7:45 p.m.

Police say a 72-year-old man, identified as Willie Greer, died in the fire that was intentionally set by what police say is a known female suspect.

One firefighter was injured as crews worked to extinguish the flames.

12th and Wright

Fatal fire at 12th and Wright

Cell phone video shows a person carrying what appears to be a gas container near the home. The video shows her reaching inside a window, starting the blaze. Witnesses told FOX6 News she had a hammer in her hand.

"We see a lady and she started busting out all the windows on the house," Jessie Hinds said.

Fatal fire near 12th and Wright

Fatal fire near 12th and Wright

Jestopher and Jessie Hinds were nearby with their cousin Travonta Richmond. They watched as the woman's anger grew.

"She went inside the garage and grabbed a gas can," Jessie Hinds said.

"She asks us 'one of y'all got a lighter?' And were like, 'no, we can't help you with a lighter,'" Travonta Richmond said.

"Then she takes the chair, throws the gas can in there and sets the house on fire," Jestopher Hinds said.

The video shows the woman seen lighting the home on fire casually walking away from the scene as the flames grow, and heavy smoke billows from the home. At one point, a woman escapes the flames -- jumping from a window and running away.

Woman escapes flames near 12th and Wright

A group of young men is seen running to try to help those still trapped inside.

"We all ran over there and tried to kick down the door, but all the smoke -- nothing we could really do at that moment," Jestopher Hinds said.

Young men try to help at scene of fatal fire near 12th and Wright

Heavy, black smoke pushed the group away, and firefighters soon arrived, finding Greer dead in the home.

Neighbors said they were in disbelief.

"I'm just sorry for the loss the people that did lose a family member. I'm going to be praying for their families and just sorry we couldn't get them out of there at that time," Jestopher Hinds said.

Officials said the home is used as a rooming house.

Fatal fire near 12th and Wright

The investigation is ongoing -- and police are seeking that female suspect.

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