Yahoo mail adds coupon clipping and travel alerts

Millions of people around the world rely on Yahoo Mail - now the company is helping them organize their email in two new ways when it comes to coupons and travel.

Can you believe Yahoo Mail has been around for 20 years now?

I was one of the first to sign up when the service offered way more storage and features than the then-frontrunner Hotmail.

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Times have changed, but one thing hasn't - a lot of people still use Yahoo Mail to help them keep in touch with friends, family and more. Now, the company has added two new features just in time for the holidays. One helps highlight and clip the coupons you get in your email, the other will send you alerts based on upcoming travel plans.

Coupon Clipping

The first feature helps you get a handle on the coupons you get sent to your inbox. Yahoo will now auto-recognize these emails. For starters, Yahoo will figure out what deal and/or promo code is contained inside and puts that right at the top of the email in a summary. This way you know if there is a killer promo code somewhere in the email and you don't have to read the entire thing. Then, you can "clip" the coupons you want to use and Yahoo will save them in a list for easy reference later. The app will even send you a notification when an email is about to expire. Yahoo tells me the feature works with a variety of retailers and they continue to add new ones.

Travel Smart View

Now, Yahoo Mail will automatically recognize your travel itineraries and send you helpful updates related to your plans. This means you can easily see when your flight takes off, terminal and gate information as well as any delays or changes. You'll really love the check-in alerts. You'll get a notification when it's time to check in for your flight! This is handy since seating assignments are often based on the time you check in so this feature alone can help you nab a better seat! Yahoo Mail will also send you up to the minute alerts if there are any changes - or delays - to your itinerary as you make your way along your journey.

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