Yahoo hack attack highlights importance of secure, unique passwords

In light of one of the largest ever hacks of Yahoo user information,  here are a few ways to keep your login info safe.

Mentioned in the TV segment:

Yahoo's message to users about the hack

Before you click on any emails asking you to change your Yahoo password, please read this warning.

Generate a secure password with one of these tools:

Dashlane Password Generator

LastPass Password Generator

Generate secure passwords and store your login information on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain. Turn this on and set up the service if you haven't already done do. Then navigate to a site where you want to sign up with a new password or change your old one. When you put your cursor in the password field, iCloud will offer to generate a secure password for you. Learn more here.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication. Once you turn on this feature, a website will text you a special code when you (or someone else) attempts to login from an unrecognized device. You won't be able to login unless you enter the code. Many major websites support this extra security step, find a list here.

Check if your email address has been involved in a large scale hack with the website Have I been pwned?