"WOW!" Fifteen sets of twins graduate from high school in Iowa, class made Guinness Book of World Records

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (WITI) -- People attending a high school graduation ceremony in Iowa on Sunday, May 24th were seeing double! FIFTEEN sets of twins received diplomas!

Some high school counselors may have the challenge of differentiating one, maybe two sets of twins. For the past four years, Eric Trainor has had 15 sets of twins to look after at Valley High School in West Des Moines.

"I had the Freihages and the Feldmans and they weren't too much trouble, but the Goetz and Kacers were, oh my gosh," Trainor said.

There were 16 sets of twins, but one family moved out of the district.

Trainor watched Sunday as the Andersons, Barrs, Baysingers, Clarks, Davis, Deans, Feldmans, Freihages, Goetz, Harveys, Kacer, McVeys, Mullins, Olsons and Phalens were together for the final time.

In 2011, the class of 2015 made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records for most twins in a graduating class. They lost the honor a year later, when a fifth-grade class from Illinois counted 24 sets of twins.

Record or not, this abnormal amount of twins have stayed close over the years -- even keeping tabs on the future plans of their fellow classmates.

The Phelans, one is going to Harvard and one is going to Iowa. And then the Andersons, one is staying here and going to Grinnell," Allison and Emily Kacer said.

The Kacers are moving on to Iowa State, and they'll leave Valley High School with one unique truth.

"So you know that game the two truths and one lie? I was in the world record book -- or I have a dog," Allison and Emily Kacer said.

Meanwhile, the Goetz twins are heading to Iowa State with one heck of a conversation starter.

"We actually came from a record-setting school where we had 16 sets of twins in our grade and they are like 'wow!'" Jacob and Jeffrey Goetz said.