"Working with students from cradle to career:" New school to open on Milwaukee's north side

MILWAUKEE -- In a matter of weeks, a new school will open on the north side of Milwaukee. It will serve hundreds of children from at-risk families, setting them up for college and a career.

When you hear the name Milwaukee Rescue Mission, you might think homeless shelter, not classroom. But a new daycare and Christian Vocational school is coming to 15th and Center in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission

"This school is almost right bull's eye in the middle of where our families are," said Pat Vanderburgh with the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

Cross Trainers Academy, run out of the main shelter location at 19th and Wells, will expand -- and it'll be able to add a high school and daycare; altogether serving about 350 kids.

"We are working with students from cradle to career," said Vanderburgh.

School hasn't even started yet and the Milwaukee Rescue Mission already plans to expand. They hope to put in a gym and a church.

Cross Trainers Academy caters to economically disadvantaged children; many live at the mission. The school puts them on a fast track for a career.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission Cross Trainers Academy

"The students will do all their academics in the first three years and then in their junior year, they will take the entrance exam to be at MATC. Their senior year they will mostly be at MATC," said Vanderburgh.

Erica Means is a mother of three. They have lived at the shelter close to a year. She's about to start a new job, is looking for a home and needs the support this daycare and school will offer.

"If they stay connected with the mission, I know my children will succeed," said Means.

Thanks to the mission, she sees her family getting stronger. The new school will be part of their support system.

"A family that was torn apart can now be mended for good. We can do better for ourselves and the children," said Means.

The first day of school at Cross Trainers Academy will be August 19th. The number to call to enroll in advance is 414-935-0500.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission Cross Trainers Academy