Working for sounds of peace to overcome sounds of violence

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Shootings in Milwaukee have almost become a common occurrence, but one native says she's fed up with the violence and plans to make more noise in her neighborhood than the gunfire.

Suncierra Whitehoran is celebrating her March 22nd birthday with a peaceful rally.

"I want to make the same noise with peace as the violence is making -- maybe more," said Whitehoran. "As man may know, there is a lot of violence that is around in this area and I wanted to bring this event right to the place where violence has been going on."

The collaboration of song, dance and prayer was held inside Washington Park Center. Those in attendance say everyone can take something away from the rally.

"It sounds like us and looks like us being unified rather than being separate," said Daniel Harris.

"Take it home and instill it in our nieces and our nephews and those who may not come to an event like this," said Jumaane Cheatham.

The rally was not only a celebration of peace, but a memorial for those harmed by gun violence in Milwaukee. It was co-sponsored by Guns Down Milwaukee.