Workers rights, immigrants rights blend during May Day Rally

MILWAUKEE -- A marching rally was held in Milwaukee Sunday, April 29th - beginning in Walker's Point and ending in Veteran's Park. Immigrants rights were supposed to be at the forefront of Sunday's rally, but worker's rights also took center stage.

There was a time when the annual May Day pro-immigration rally wasn't as political, but that was in a different Wisconsin. The fact that state issues mixed with immigration issues didn't seem to bother those who participated in the march Sunday afternoon.

Worker's rights issues resonate deeply with Milwaukee's Hispanic community. This year, Voces de la Frontera, a group that advocates and fights for Latino and immigrant rights, invited former Dane County executive and Democratic gubernatorial recall candidate Kathleen Falk to help open the festivities Sunday.

Organizers said they were not worried about Wisconsin issues overshadowing immigrant issues, like the Supreme Court recently taking up a controversial Arizona immigration law.

"Working people are in solidarity. We're not going to let ourselves be divided because of what country we came from. The working people need to stand together, so that's a message for all elected officials and the Supreme Court," Christine Neumann-Ortiz with Voces de la Frontera said.

This political parade which began near Walker's Point reached Milwaukee's lakefront with the crowd still clamoring for action. "Stop separating our families. We need to have fair immigration reform," one participant said. "I'm excited so many people are here, fighting to make our community stronger, more inclusive, and more just," another participant said.

Sunday's event wrapped up a little before 5:00 p.m.

With about a week to go until the recall primary, Gov. Scott Walker says he's just ready for it to be over. "I think most people in the state are ready to move forward. I think when I hear the other candidates wanting to rehash the debate had last year, I think most people in the state, whether they're Democrat or Republican just want to move forward," Walker said.

Those comments came Saturday, April 28th after Walker spoke at the Wisconsin National Guard event where he was presented with the National Guard's Patriot Recognition Award.