Woman suffers head injury after falling off cliff at Door County park

DOOR COUNTY -- A woman fell 10-15 feet off a cliff while sightseeing at Cave Point Park in Door County Saturday afternoon, March 12th.

According to the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department, the incident happened at approximately 1:30 p.m.

Officials say a woman in her late 50s or early 60s, was sightseeing at the park which overlooks Lake Michigan, when she fell to the rocks below.

Authorities say the fire department dispatched a boat to help rescue the woman from the rocks. She was taken ashore and then to a Door County hospital for treatment of a sizable laceration on her head -- she was conscious the entire time.


Authorities have not released the woman's name, but it appears she was with family and friends at the park.

The area where the woman fell, authorities say, is a popular spot for picture-takers. The area is also common for falls of this type. The fire department gets about 3-4 calls a month related to falls at that location.