Woman pays for stranger's dinner at Culver's on Valentine's Day, and then..."it went on for 14 cars!"

GRAFTON -- Something incredible happened on Valentine's Day at the Culver's restaurant in Grafton. Workers said it was a typical Tuesday night, until someone paid for their own meal AND a stranger's dinner.

"When this goes on for a while, it`s really awesome to see," Jack Kemp, Grafton High School sophomore said.

Jack Kemp

15-year-old Kemp couldn't believe what happened at work Tuesday night. A woman drove up and placed her order.

"They paid for their own food and then paid for the person behind them," Kemp said.

That alone would be considered generous, but on Valentine's Day, kindness was on the menu. Customers continued to pay it forward -- sometimes volunteering $5 or $10 more than their meal cost, putting the money towards a stranger's dinner.

Culver's in Grafton

"It went on for roughly 14 cars -- give or take maybe one or two," Kemp said.

At Culver's, it's usually the frozen custard that puts a smile on a customer's face, but Kemp said the action started by one generous woman shows being nice tops it all.

Culver's in Grafton

"It was a very nice, sweet Valentine`s Day treat," Jennifer Fall, owner of Culver's in Grafton said.

"She is an outstanding person and I hope she comes back," Kemp said.

Culver's in Grafton

Kemp said the customer who broke the "paying it forward" chain didn't have enough cash to pay for the people behind her. Their bill was $40.

Culver's in Grafton