Woman injured after Milwaukee officer shoots at dog during investigation

MILWAUKEE -- A 46-year-old Milwaukee woman was injured early Friday morning, April 1st after a Milwaukee police officer fired rounds at a charging pit bull dog during a shots fired investigation on Milwaukee’s south side.

The incident happened at about 5:15 a.m. in an alley in the 2400 block of S. 9th Place after officers were dispatched to the report of shots fired.

During the investigation, one officer fired rounds at a dog charging at him from a yard.  The pit bull was injured as a result of the officer’s actions, along with the dog’s 46-year-old owner, who was struck in the leg by what is believed to be a ricocheting round.

The woman was treated at the scene by medical personnel and released, and has since sought follow-up medical treatment at a local hospital.

Shell casings believed from the shots fired call were found in the alley.