Woman charged after discovery of bag of marijuana the size of a volleyball

RACINE (WITI) -- 40-year-old April Hubbard has been charged following an incident in which she and a man were caught with a bag of marijuana the size of a volleyball.

Hubbard faces one count of possession with intent to deliver or manufacture THC (less than 20 grams, as party to a crime).

On March 14th, the criminal complaint in the case indicates a vehicle in which Hubbard was a passenger was stopped by authorities in the 1300 block of Grand Ave.

The complaint says an officer had contact with the individuals in the vehicle (Hubbard and Nicoles Hubbard), and smelled a strong odor of THC.

Nicoles Hubbard was searched, and $165 in currency was discovered along with two cell phones.

On the passenger side, where April Hubbard was seated, the complaint indicates officials discovered a black plastic bag that contained a clear plastic Ziploc bag. Inside, was a large quantity of marijuana, weighing 465 grams.

Nicoles Hubbard told officials he smokes marijuana and sometimes sells it -- according to the complaint

A single blunt was discovered in the ash tray of the vehicle, according to the complaint.

Officials described the bag containing the marijuana as being as big as a volleyball.