Witnesses share terrifying story in aftermath of salon mass shooting

BROOKFIELD -- Those who saw what was happening in the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Azana Salon & Spa on Sunday, October 21st say it was terrifying -- something they'd never expect to see in the middle of suburbia.

45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton walked into the spa around 11 a.m. He shot and killed three people and wounded another four before turning the gun on himself.

However, for much of the afternoon, officials believed Haughton was on the loose, and even released a photo and hotline number for members of the public to call with tips. Froedtert and Children's hospitals were on lockdown for parts of Sunday afternoon as officials feared the suspect may show up at the hospital. The hospitals were eventually cleared, and the lockdowns lifted.

Those near the Azana Salon & Spa Sunday afternoon reacted to the terrifying and heartbreaking events they saw unfold.

"I went to my car and saw a girl coming out from the salon and she was bleeding in the neck with a paper towel over her neck," Joe Brent said.

Brent's quick lunch turned into a front-row seat to a horrifying scene.

"She was very hurt and she had to get escorted by a police officer because she couldn't walk. She was yelling," Brent said.

Brent was at the McDonald's restaurant next to the spa. While inside the restaurant, he heard a single gunshot.

"I heard one and then I heard a girl yelling. I saw two more females coming out and they weren't able to walk. They got put on the stretchers and they got into the ambulance," Brent said.

In a parking lot across the street from the spa, emergency crews flooded the area and crowds of people gathered.

Liz Senn was on her way to an appointment at the spa when she learned what had happened. Her concern immediately turned to the woman she was meeting at Azana.

"She's pregnant and I was supposed to be with her at 2, so I don't know. I don't know what's happening," Liz Senn, a spa customer said.

SWAT teams searched the area and police kept the crowds calm. After the horror was over, those inside the spa were let out and escorted to their cars.

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