With warm weather, Emery's bike shop swamped, looking to hire

MILWAUKEE -- We've seen a stretch of well-above average, record-breaking temperatures for the month of March in the Milwaukee area, and we even hit the earliest 80 degree or higher temperature in spring, and all-time warmest for Milwaukee in March this week! These record-temperature days have a direct effect on the bicycle business, and one shop in Milwaukee is seeing the most business in its 49-year history!

Emery's Cycling says they've never seen anything like it! Their bicycle racks are usually full, and there are at least 120 empty spots! They attribute the success to three things: the unusually warm weather, the economy and rising gas prices.

Emery's owner, Brent Emery says his shop is so busy, he needs more people on the sales floor. "We're ordering a lot more frequently - literally every day, or we're having major orders come in instead of once or twice a week," Emery said.

Emery said there's also a demand for people to repair bicycles. "It's that time of year we start ramping up anyways, but now it's almost like hitting a panic button. We've got to start looking for extra people," Emery said.

Emery said this unseasonably warm weather has jump started people's calendars, and many are itching to get out on their bicycles and enjoy the weather. "It's definitely brought me out a lot sooner. I think I would've waited a little longer if we didn't get all this sunshine and beautiful weather," one cyclist said.

The weather inspired Sylvestra Ramirez to stop by Emery's to get fitted for a new bike. She's planning on competing in a triathlon in July. "This is the best time for people to start getting out there, start getting some exercise and break out of your shell. Break out your bikes and get going onto summer fitness," Ramirez said.

Emery says the success of his shop all depends on how long the warm weather lasts. For now, he's just worried about hiring more people, and getting the bicycle orders out on time.

If you're interested in any of the job opportunities available at Emery's, CLICK HERE for details and contact information.