With first snowflakes of the season, snowblower-repair businesses are busy!

This week, southeastern Wisconsin saw its first snowflakes of the season, and that has many scrambling to make sure they're ready for what is forecast to be another big-snowfall winter. Last winter was one for the record books, with 53.6 inches of snow! City of Milwaukee officials say they're ready, and snowblower-repair businesses are busy!

The staff at one snowblower-repair business is working around the clock getting snowblowers ready before the first big snowfall of the season, but they say they're so busy, it could be almost two weeks before they're done! They also say this week's snow got people thinking about winter: half of their snowblower stock was gone before noon on Wednesday!

"As soon as we get the first few flakes, people have been like, 'oh, I've got to get my snowblower in for service,' or, 'I really have to get that new one,'" one snowblower repair man said.

After almost 54 inches of snow last winter, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett applauded the Department of Public Works for their cleanup efforts. With some predicting heavier snow and a colder winter this season, the city says they're ready. Snow plow drivers have been on call since October 15th, and the city has 55,000 tons of salt ready to go.

"What is our number one priority, is always public safety. Our goal is to keep this city open for business, because the economic impact if we're closed down is $86 million. We do everything we possibly can to keep it open, and we do a very, very good job," Mayor Barrett said.