WisDOT: WIS 100 entrance, exit ramps scheduled to open December 12th

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will open the following ramps by the end of the day Friday, December 12th:

    Motorists traveling on the WIS 100 interchange may encounter a few new features. The new WIS 100 interchange includes a U-Ramp that will allow traffic to utilize access to both I-94 west and I-94 east. All motorists wishing to access I-94 will enter the ramp at the same point, north of I-94. Traffic on I-94 west, will move to the right lane, while I-94 east traffic will move to the left lane.

    Motorists should be mindful that traffic entering I-94 east will need to merge into the through-lanes, if not continuing to I-894 east (southbound). Traffic entering I-94 east, at WIS 100, will not be permitted to access US 45 north during peak hours.

    Northbound WIS 100 will be open to two lanes and will open fully by Friday, December 19. The inside left-turn lane will be closed at northbound WIS 100, just south of I-94 entrance ramps, until Friday, December 19. Additionally the left lane of southbound WIS 100 will be closed until Wednesday, December 17.

    Motorists are encouraged to watch their speeds and pay attention to new signage affecting lane changes and exits. Please note that GPS may not yet be up to date with the new interchange design.

    The WIS 100 interchange is not in its final design at this time. Additional impacts will take place throughout 2015, while crews construct additional auxiliary and ramp lanes that will connect to the reconstructed Zoo Interchange.