WisDOT to begin work on roads around Zoo Interchange in 2013

MILWAUKEE -- Drivers living around the Zoo Interchange may want to stock up on headache medication, because major construction on the interchange is gearing up. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is unveiling its plan that will most likely mean more time in your car.

WisDOT Rep. Jay Obenberger says, "The work in 2013 is all to kind of get the local streets or the arterials ready for when we get the zoo interchange, and start the work over the freeways."

Obenberger tells FOX6 major projects are being prepped that will redo the roads around the zoo by ripping up pavement on busy roads like Hwy. 100 or Greenfield Ave.

In February 2013, Hwy. 100 from the zoo to Mayfair Mall will be redone. The DOT plans to close one side of the highway at a time, and add a lane. Greenfield Ave. begins work a month earlier. Eventually a bridge over I-894 will be knocked down and rebuilt.

WisDOT is calling this the beginning of one of the largest construction projects ever in the state. It will make way for the extra traffic coming from the three year zoo interchange project that begins in 2014.