WisDOT: Hot weather this week increases chances for pavement buckling

MILWAUKEE -- With substantially hot and humid weather conditions on the way, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is reminding motorists of the potential for pavement buckling.

According to a press release from the DOT, hot temperatures cause pavement to expand, and where there are expansion joints, the slabs of pavement push against each other. If the pressure becomes great enough, the pavement can buckle.

While it’s difficult to predict if or where buckling may occur, WisDOT offers the following tips for motorists:

          We want you to know about a tool on FOX6Now.com that we typically use for winter temperatures -- to monitor when the road surfaces are beginning to freeze. We have a map that taps into the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) road temperatures. WisDOT has sensors on bridges throughout southeast Wisconsin — and they’re monitoring those sensors for potential freezing conditions. CLICK HERE to check out our road temperatures map.