Wisconsin's "lemon law king" Vince Megna suing Tesla

MADISON (WITI) — Wisconsin's self-proclaimed "lemon law king" has sued direct-order car maker Tesla over a sedan that he says won't run right.

Attorney Vince Megna filed the lawsuit Monday, April 7th in Milwaukee. It alleges Robert Montgomery of Franklin had the 2013 SP Sedan delivered in March 2013. The car cost him about $100,000.

The lawsuit alleges the car was under warranty but was out of service for more than 30 days to repair various problems.

"It was towed to Chicago four times. The batteries failed. He'd be stopped on the road. The airbags -- the doors don't open," Megna said.

Issues with the car led to issues with the purchasing document package, the likes of which Megna says he has not seen in 25 years of litigating lemon law.

"It's a five-pager, and you sign on the third page," Megna said.

Megna says the contract also contains provisions which require any legal disputes be subject to California's laws and arbitration process.

"All of these provisions in the Tesla contract are void, under the Wisconsin law--and we'll be bringing that up as soon as they do make a statement," Megna said.

Megna has released a video on the issue -- which has garnered more than 30,000 views in just three days.

Megna says he's still waiting for a response from Tesla.

"I'm waiting for a response. No response from anybody," Megna said.

Wisconsin's lemon law requires manufacturers to repair a warranty-covered defect after four tries in a year or provide a timely refund or replacement. Montgomery would be eligible for double damages under the law.

A Tesla representative says the company does not comment on pending litigation.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 9th, a post on the company's blog titled "When life gives you lemons" contains what appears to be a detailed response to the filing and the Franklin man's claims.

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