Wisconsinites taking "Occupy" movement to Washington D.C.

GLENDALE -- About 170 Wisconsinites gathered in Glendale Monday morning and loaded four buses headed for Washington D.C. It's part of the "Occupy" movement, and they say they're planning peaceful protests as part of the "Take Back the Capitol" event.

The group consists of people who are unemployed or underemployed, and they'll participate in four days of protest events that they say will focus on eliminating corporate greed and demanding justice for the 99 percent. They will sleep in churches, union halls and tents during their stay in D.C., and will return on Friday.

"These things are very theraputic for people. We get to have conversations, and have teach-ins, and learn more about what's happening in other places and what success stories are going on that aren't politicians making decisions for us, but us, rising up and making changes," Ed Jude from Milwaukee said.

The group says they plan to bring what they learn in D.C. back with them and implement it here in Wisconsin.

"We're not only affected here in the state of Wisconsin, but people are affected all over the country, and we feel if we come together as one, our voices will be heard," Blake Auler-Murphy from LaCrosse said.

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