Wisconsin voters appear to be "all over the map"

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin voters seemed to be all over the map on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th. Democrats won the presidency and an open U.S. Senate seat, but Republicans solidified their charge in the state house.

"What that tells me is that voters in this state are independent," Gov. Scott Walker said on Wednesday, November 7th. "They listen race-by-race to what the candidates have to offer and they're not going to be swung one way or the other by party."

Some could argue this statement based on the presidential race alone.

Wisconsin has given its electoral votes to Democrats the last seven elections in a row. However, UW-Milwaukee Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee argues you have to look at the numbers.

"People on the outside might say, 'Oh Wisconsin is predictably Democratic.' It's actually not. Every time the Democrats have won, except four years ago, it was by so much, it was this close," Lee said.

As for the heavy Republican representation in the state Senate and Assembly, Lee believes it too may not accurately represent just how purple the state is.

"Because we had Republican government in Madison in '11, they got to draw the lines. And so for example, Congressional districts were drawn to tilt more Republican and to have fewer safe Democratic seats," Lee said.

Regardless of how blue, red or purple or any other color Wisconsin may be, the man in charge of the Badger State said he is happy to put election season in the rear-view mirror.

"My hope is now that those elections are done, things can calm down overall in Wisconsin and we can just get back to work," Gov. Walker said.