Wisconsin turkey, ruffed grouse seasons set to open

MADISON (AP) -- Wisconsin's fall turkey and ruffed grouse seasons are set to open later this month.

The turkey season opens statewide at dawn on Saturday, Sept. 15. The ruffed grouse season opens the same day in Zone A, which includes northwestern, south-central and far northeastern Wisconsin. The season opens Oct. 20 in Zone B, which includes the Green Bay area and the southeastern corner of the state.

State Department of Natural Resources officials say turkeys appear to be thriving. They've made 96,700 permits available this fall, an increase of 1,000 permits from last year.

The ruffed grouse population, meanwhile, has been on the decline. Still, DNR officials say this year's warm spring was excellent for nesting and brood-rearing and could lead to an uptick in numbers.