Wisconsin to host President Obama, Romney this week

MILWAUKEE -- Election Day is one week from Tuesday (November 6th) and in this final stretch of the campaign for president, Wisconsin will once again play host to each of the candidates this week. Analysts say the candidates' visits to the state so close to Election Day indicate the importance of the state in this close election.

Surrogates for the presidential campaigns, like Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett who has campaigned for President Barack Obama say they realize the remaining days leading up to November 6th are crucial.

"I think everybody understands Wisconsin is a battleground state. There's a high premium placed on any personal visit whatsoever, and it's an honor to have the President here," Mayor Barrett said.

President Obama has planned a visit to Green Bay on Tuesday, October 31st.

"It does make sense for him to be there and to show that he cares about the state, and that he's doing everything he can to win the state," Mayor Barrett said.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has a rally planned for Monday, October 29th at the State Fair Park Expo Center.

On the eve of Romney's visit, campaign volunteers were busy making signs and last-minute preparations.

"To have him come here and personally thank everyone for all their hard work, and to encourage them to get out and vote -- that's just going to energize everyone even more," Wisconsin Communications Director for the RNC Nicole Tieman said.

Because Wisconsin will have a prominent role in the election, the energy of both campaigns continues to rise in anticipation of November 6th.

"You see all this excitement building now that the Republican side is so energized, because for the first time we can do something really amazing for a really amazing ticket," Tieman said.

Anytime you've got a presidential campaign come in, it brings a lot of excitement to the volunteers. It raises the awareness of the campaign among the general public," Mayor Barrett said.

Spokespeople from both campaigns say they wouldn't be surprised if the candidates are back in Wisconsin on or before Election Day. Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is set to visit the state on Wednesday, October 31st.

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