Wisconsin to host Iowa caucus site at Marquette University: 'Opportunity to play within the system'

MILWAUKEE -- For the first time in history, Wisconsin will host an Iowa caucus site.

Maaz Ahmed

Marquette University student Maaz Ahmed is 19 years old -- and it is his first chance to caucus. But being 200 miles from home in Bettendorf, Iowa means he could not make it -- and there are no absentee ballots.

"I feel pretty strongly that there would be a misrepresentation in student voice," Ahmed said.

That changes this year. The Iowa Democratic Party set up close to 100 satellite locations including one in Wisconsin -- at Marquette University.

Marquette University Alumni Memorial Union

"I think it's a really, really interesting opportunity and it's really inspiring," Ahmed said.

Ahmed studies theater and digital media.

"A lot of people voice the complaint about our generation that all we are is online activists -- and we sit behind our computers and do our political workings. This is our opportunity to play within the system," Ahmed said.

Ahmed is not alone being an Iowan studying in Wisconsin. Marquette University has 73 students from the Hawkeye State. There are 40 students from Iowa at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and another 226 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The rush of campaigning leads to the nation's first contest in Iowa on Feb. 3. You have to be an Iowa Democrat to join the Milwaukee caucus site. Wisconsin's presidential primary is set for April 7.