Wisconsin Senate decision Tuesday to make history regardless of outcome

WISCONSIN -- Besides the presidential race, another big race on the ballot Tuesday, November 6th is the race for Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat. Polls show Democrat Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson in a close race, and with just hours left to go, both continued to do everything they could to get voters to the polls on Tuesday -- even calling voters themselves!

Democratic volunteers took to the phones Monday in an attempt to drum up some last-minute support for Senate candidate Baldwin. Baldwin made some calls herself, along with one Greendale house call to thank workers for their efforts through a contentious campaign.

"Took time today to greet and thank volunteers who are doing an extraordinary job," Baldwin said.

Meanwhile, GOP candidate Thompson rallied Republicans in Green Bay.

"You can live the American dream, get a job, have a house, have a good vacation, and that is what we are going to do -- starting (Tuesday). We're saying to our young people 'we don't know if you're going to have jobs, but you're going to have to pay our debt.' That's terrible, and that's why I'm running," Thompson said.

Both Baldwin and Thompson could change Wisconsin history with a win Tuesday. If Thompson is victorious, it would be the first time the GOP claimed both of Wisconsin Senate seats in about 54 years. If Baldwin is elected, she would be the first Wisconsin woman to occupy a U.S Senate seat, and the first openly gay U.S. Senator.

"We have an opportunity to crash through two different glass ceilings, and to help grow the middle class, to help get the economy at full throttle, while still taking very seriously reducing the deficit," Baldwin said.

Both Baldwin and Thompson are set to cast votes in Madison on Tuesday.

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