Wisconsin presidential recount in 4th day, with few changes

Monday, Nov. 23 was day four of the recount in Wisconsin that President Donald J. Trump has requested -- and his campaign paid for. The presidential recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties have so far found few changes in vote totals.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said they will absolutely finish the recount by the Dec. 1 deadline. That is a departure from last week when he said he hoped to finish by Thanksgiving.

High-speed tabulators are speeding through the count -- and then both campaigns will get a digital scan of all the ballots.

Vote recount at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee

On Monday, Shorewood, Franklin, and Wauwatosa got recounted. On Friday, after hours of delay, Milwaukee County's Board of Canvassers did agree to two Trump campaign requests -- to separate ballots of those where the clerks potentially filed in a missing witness address on the absentee ballot envelope -- and also those 45,000 county voters who marked themselves as indefinitely confined, a group exempt from the state's photo ID requirement.

Vote recount at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee

"Once these objections have been addressed and then communicated down to the observers, for example for the Trump campaign, that they're doing a very good job of now knowing what will already be separated out," Christopherson said, "And we've just had no, for example, disruptions today for example that I'm aware of, from the Trump campaign."

Democrat Joe Biden won the state by about 20,600 votes and his margin in Milwaukee and Dane counties was about 2-to-1. Those are the only counties where Trump paid to have a recount.

Vote recount at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee

Republicans and Democrats traded blame on delays. The Trump campaign pointed to empty tables in the convention center. Democrats, on the other hand, accused Trump campaign observers of, in previous days, of delaying the count with challenges.

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Vote recount at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee

Vote recount at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee

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