Wisconsin population grows by 16,000

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Wisconsin's population has grown by about 16,000 people, with the largest percentage growth coming in Brown and Dane counties.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services released its latest population figures Wednesday. The agency says there were 5.70 million state residents last year, up 0.3 percent from the 5.69 million people in 2010.

Brown County led the way in percentage growth, gaining about 2,300 residents, or 0.9 percent. Dane County also grew 0.9 percent, adding about 4,200 residents.

The counties that lost residents are mainly in the far north, and are already among the smallest in the state. Forest County lost about 100 residents, or 1 percent, to about 9,200 residents.

Some 42 counties saw population growth, 19 lost residents and 11 remained essentially constant.