Wisconsin now has its first confirmed case of Enterovirus D68

MADISON (WITI) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has informed the Wisconsin Department of Health Services that it has confirmed one positive case of Enterovirus D68 in the state. A child from Door County tested positive for the virus.  Since mid-August, the CDC has received reports of clusters of Enterovirus D68 infections that have occurred in multiple states, but this is the first confirmed case in Wisconsin.

Symptoms of EV-D68 infections include fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, and body and muscle aches. At its most severe, the virus can make breathing difficult and cause wheezing. In states where EV-D68 infections have been confirmed, many of the children who had more severe illness were those with asthma or a history of wheezing.

Enterovirus infections are fairly common and are typically seen in the summer or late fall, usually around the start of the school year. In general, infants, children and teenagers are most likely to get infected and become ill. Practicing good hygiene helps prevent the spread of this and other viruses.

“EV-D68 is not a reportable illness to DHS, so we will have to wait to know whether tests by the CDC confirm any additional cases in the state,” said Karen McKeown, State Health Officer.  “In the meantime, DHS will continue to provide information to the public and to health care providers on what to watch for and ways to help keep children healthy.”

    Individuals with asthma should continue to take medication used to control the condition, as people with asthma are at higher risk for respiratory illnesses.

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