Wisconsin National Guard deployed in multiple roles as part of 'on-going, longterm' COVID-19 response

MILWAUKEE -- More than 1,400 Wisconsin National Guard citizen-soldiers and airmen are helping from up north to southeast Wisconsin. Their efforts continue to expand as more services are needed across the state.

Capt. Joe Trovato

"We're honored to be just a small part of the state's overall effort," said Capt. Joe Trovato with the Wisconsin National Guard. "We see this as neighbors helping neighbors."

There is a lot of work being done in Wisconsin's fight against COVID-19. From health care and testing to help with loss of life, the Wisconsin National Guard has been assisting with it all.

500 citizen-soldiers and airmen are currently taking on a big mission -- helping to test people across the state. Teams are stationed anywhere from Ashland to the southeastern part of the state, Trovato says, including Green Bay and the Milwaukee area.

Testing is being done at clinics, correctional facilities and food processing plants. Thursday, the Guard began testing at Birds Eye in Walworth County which is expected to be a two-day operation.

"There's a lot of encouragement to make sure companies are being proactive and working to protect their workers and hopefully, we're a part of the solution," said Trovato.

17 members are also helping in Dane County, assisting the medical examiner with mortuary service. Through everything, their own health is a top priority -- staying safe in trying times.

Wisconsin National Guard working in fight against coronavirus

"This is an on-going, longterm type of response, and there's a lot of people looking out for us right now," Trovato said. "We're very grateful for that."

FOX6 News is told the guardsmen are monitoring their health. Temperatures are checked daily; they want to stay healthy, so their missions can be completed.