Wisconsin Elections Commission estimates voter turnout at 73%

More Americans voted in this election than ever before, and with a race as tight as this one, there's bound to be mixed emotions among voters. In Milwaukee County on Wednesday, Nov. 4, FOX6 News found voters spending time outside, looking to unplug. Despite differing political views, some did find common ground.

"It’s very close," David Ignacio said about the 2020 presidential election results. 

It's an election that's left our nation on the edge of its seat as voters watched highly anticipated totals coming in, with eyes glued on Wisconsin. 

"I was anxious at first," said Isabel Maier, a Milwaukee voter. 

"I voted for Trump," said Kristen Carroll. "Everything seemed to be going in the opposite direction of where I wanted it to go."

"I was excited. I saw that Wisconsin, my home state, went with Biden, so it keeps my faith and my hope up," said Ian Peldonia. 

This election, nearly 3.3 million Wisconsinites made their voices heard at the ballot box. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), which calculates voter turnout based on the voting-age population, not registered voters, estimates the turnout at close to 73%.

This, up from 2016’s turnout of 67%. 

"I think that is a good sign because that just shows how involved the people are," said voter Marienne Ignacio.

After a late night -- and early morning -- voters like Peldonia on Wednesday took a moment to breathe.

"My main concerns were our democratic process and pride in our country, and I know that goes on both sides," said Peldonia.

And no matter which side of the political aisle they may lie, many shared a similar outlook on the future. 

"The main priority for everybody is to just please respect each other’s beliefs," said David Ignacio.

"It is an election, and we have to be positive and no matter who wins, that’s our president," said Carroll.

False claims have circulated on social media that there were more votes cast in Wisconsin than there are registered voters. WEC officials said this simply isn't true; plus, Wisconsin allows same-day voter registration.