Wisconsin DNR to close fourth wolf hunt zone

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin officials are poised to close a fourth wolf hunting zone.

The Department of Natural Resources plans to close Zone 5, an oval-shaped area in west-central Wisconsin, at 6:30 p.m. Monday. Hunters had killed 14 wolves in that zone as of Sunday, six shy of the zone's limit.

The agency has already closed Zone 1, where hunters killed three more wolves than the 32-wolf limit; Zone 2, where hunters have taken 14 more wolves than the 15-animal limit; and Zone 4, where hunters have killed four wolves, four shy of the limit.

Zones 3 and 6 remain open and are still dozens of animals under their limits.

The wolf season began on Wednesday and will run until Feb. 28 or until hunters reach the statewide kill limit of 150 animals.