Wisconsin Democrats send new faces to DNC

KENOSHA -- This year's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC will be filled with several new faces. Wisconsin is contributing to the count of new faces with a few that didn't even plan on making the trip.

Glendale resident Gerard Maciejewski didn't believe his co-workers when they told him he was going to Charlotte.

"First, I thought it was a prank or something, because a lot of friends know how involved I am in the politics of our union and stuff, so I thought it was kind of a joke at first," Maciejewski said.

Maciejewski compares the upcoming Democratic National Convention to an event featuring big names performing for thousands of loyal fans.

"It'd be like going to a Packers game or seeing one of the football players in person or something like that. It's pretty exciting for me," Maciejewski said.

It isn't terribly exciting in Rob Zerban's Kenosha Campaign Office. His office continues to work to unseat Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan. Zerban's challenge to Ryan's congressional seat earned him an invite to his first convention.

"I know I'll be charged up. I'm charged up now!" Zerban said.

The Democratic campaign office in Kenosha will be busier during the Democratic National Convention during their watch party.

The Democratic National Convention kicks off Tuesday, September 4th. FOX6's Mike Lowe is in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Convention. Stay tuned to FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for the latest Convention updates!

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