Winter weather keeps Saukville towing service, shop busy

As dangerously cold temperatures grip southeastern Wisconsin, it's advised that people don't stay outdoors for long periods of time.

However, in Saukville, one man doesn't get to stay inside even on the coldest days. That man is Paul Krauska.

Krauska owns Eddie's Service in Saukville.

"Here’s the tree. Here’s their fender, this is the roof of their vehicle. If I would’ve just pulled it straight forward, I would’ve ripped their mirror off, their antenna," Krauska said.

Paul Krauska

High winds caused smaller cars to lift and get stuck in snowbanks, said Krauska. He is more than prepared for bitter cold temperatures.

"I'm multi-layered. I have multiple jackets and then I have a hat."

USPS vehicle at Eddie's Service in Saukville

Overnight and into the morning, Krauska removed cars from ditches. He also had to remove a couple of postal service vehicles.

"People don’t shovel out their mailboxes very well, so they have to reach from the right side to get into your mailbox," Krauska said. "A lot of times the ditch's just past their mailbox, and they try to get as close to reach in as possible and they slide right in."

Eddie's Service

Words of advice everyday drivers: Don't wait until the last minute to winterize your car. It makes things hard on the mechanic, driver and car.

"Some of the vehicles have to be towed in, you know, their fuel gels and they’re cranking away and they kill the battery so then we have to sell them a battery," said Krauska.

Another piece of advice from Krauska: If you park your car outside, make sure you let it warm up a bit before you drive off.

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