Some wine pairing trivia to help you toast to the new year

Send off 2020 with an elegant dinner at home -- and don't forget the wine. Jody Bogle of Bogle Vineyards joins FOX6 WakeUp with some wine pairing trivia to help you toast to the new year. 

Wine #1:
1.This wine pairs well with an assortment of Wisconsin cheeses and appetizers, but can also be perfect with a fish fry  
2.This wine is made with entirely white grapes.
3.This wine ferments a second time in the bottle to give it its signature style.
Answer: Sparkling Blanc de Blancs 
Wine #2: 
1. These vines were brought from Europe by early Portuguese settlers and some are more than 100 years old
2. The vines are some of the most unique looking in all of wine grape growing
3. This wine pairs well with pizza, pasta, and BBQ meats (especially brats)
Answer: Old Vine Zinfandel 
Wine #3
1.This wine is small in name but big in flavors of blackberries and boysenberries
2. The color of this wine is nearly blue
3. The grape varietal also goes by the name Durif in France where it originates. 
Answer: Petite Sirah