Windy, dry conditions lead to high risk of wildfires

WISCONSIN -- Much of the state of Wisconsin remains at a "very high" risk for wildfires because of the dry, windy conditions.

In Madison, all outdoor fires were banned Monday, April 9.

Madison Fire officials said even those with a burning permit right now should avoid burning because of the dangers of fires quickly burning out of control.  "If something gets going it's going to push the fire in unpredictable directions, and also, with the high winds, it's going to push it and push it fast," Madison Fire Marshal Ed Ruckriegel said.

Those who choose to burn could face tickets and fines.

It was the same story across much of the state Monday - almost entirely under "very high fire danger." Most counties were under burning restrictions including Grant, Iowa, Richland, Dane, Sauk and Columbia.

Crews near Peshtigo battled a blaze over the weekend, and in Madison a grass fire started along I-90 when someone flicked a cigarette butt out of a car.

Firefighters say grilling outside was allowed Monday in Madison, but not encouraged. If you decide to grill, fire officials say to keep a constant watch on the grill, and don't move the coals until they've had at least 72 hours to cool.

The Madison Fire Department plans to keep the burn restrictions in place until we get a little rain and things aren't so dry.

As far as what is allowed and what isn't, that's determined by municipality. Officials say as a general rule of thumb - be careful, because if you cause a wildfire, you will be liable to pay for it.

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