Winds fuel massive marsh fire in rural part of Fond du Lac County

BRANDON (WITI) -- Several fire crews were called to the scene of a large wildfire in Fond du Lac County Friday, April 11th. The fire burned more than 600 acres of marsh land in the area of Amity Road, which runs parallel to Highway TC.

Officials believe the fire started around 11 a.m. from someone burning items on their property. Authorities say the fire quickly spread out of control and 911 was contacted immediately.

"There was just black, billowing smoke," said farmer Herb Beekman. "You could hear the flames roaring."

Around 4:30 Friday afternoon, crews had the fire under control. Fortunately, the fire didn't reach any nearby homes or structures. Authorities say the dry weather, coupled with high winds, is the perfect recipe for a wildfire.

"We've had high wind for days and days. It's just been drying everything out. We've got low humidity right now. It's just really seriously dangerous fire conditions," said Ed Culhane with the Wisconsin DNR.

Although the marsh land has turned to ash, DNR experts say there will be vegetation there again soon.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.