Wind Point Elementary School nearly ready for Mitchell students

RACINE (WITI) -- On Wednesday, March 5th, elementary school students from Mitchell School will fill Wind Point Elementary School -- getting back into the classroom after a fire destroyed Mitchell School's gymnasium, and damaged other parts of the school. The fire broke out early Thursday morning, February 27th -- and since then, crews have been working to get the vacant Wind Point Elementary School ready for students.

Wind Point Elementary School is a mothballed school that just happens to be perfect for accommodating 460 students.

Beginning on Friday, maintenance crews went to work cleaning, waxing and bringing in desks and chairs at Wind Point Elementary School -- so that Mitchell School's elementary students can get back to the books.

On Monday, staff members were on hand at Wind Point Elementary School for a staff meeting.

Maggie Morgan, a first and second-grade reading teacher got her first look inside the school on Monday.

"I`m sort of excited. I think it`s an opportunity for us to come together and I don`t know. This is my first year here so it`s kinda bonded all of the staff together, and it`s unfortunate for the kids that they have to move but I think it`s just gonna make us stronger," Morgan said.

Many of the Mitchell School students will now have to ride the bus to Wind Point Elementary School -- so the principal is making sure there is staff at a gathering place at Youth for Christ -- near the burned school. The staff members will ride the bus to and from school with the children.

Racine Unified School District spokeswoman Stacy Tapp says an open house is planned for Tuesday, March 4th at 5:30 p.m.

"Mitchell Elementary families will be able to come and check out the building, visit with their teachers," Tapp said.

"It is a smaller school, but we`re making the most of it," Morgan said.

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