'Willing to kill police officers:' Germantown man out on bond, charged in 'active shooter' incident

Jon Thorin

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Jon Thorin of Germantown faces multiple charges for his alleged actions in what officials described as an "active shooter" situation on Tuesday, May 14. Thorin, 69, faces the following criminal counts:

    According to the criminal complaint, Germantown officers were dispatched to a house on Williams Dr. around 5 a.m. for "what the caller believed to be a gunshot and yelling coming from across the street." Officers were familiar with the residence in question because they had prior contact with Thorin at the home.

    Active shooter situation in Germantown

    The complaint indicates an officer approached Thorin's residence -- and Thorin was standing on his front porch. He was apparently holding "a black object in his right hand that (the officer) believed to be a handgun." The officer told Thorin, "Germantown police, we need to talk Mr. Thorin. The defendant began yelling and raising his arms in the air." The complaint says Thorin "went on a rant talking about how his neighbors were 'out to get him' and that the police in Milwaukee beat him up a long time ago. The defendant stated something along the lines of 'I'm going to take you out. Come and get me.'" Thorin also indicated he had "plenty of guns inside his home."

    Active shooter situation in Germantown

    A few moments later, a vehicle passed by Thorin's residence and the officer saw the defendant "point what he could positively identify as a pistol towards the vehicle." Thorin apparently began making homicidal statements and wanted "to be challenged for police to come get him." Officers on the scene then backed off -- and Thorn "fired one round in an unknown direction," the complaint says.

    Later, the complaint indicates Thorin made "statements along the lines of being willing to kill police officers." Thorin apparently shouted, "I'll take everyone of you out before you can get me." A SWAT response for an active shooter was called to the scene. Once a SWAT vehicle arrived on the scene, Thorin emerged from his home -- and the complaint says he "directed the pistol in his left hand directly at the SWAT vehicle which had six officers inside of it and pointed the firearm in his right hand."

    Eventually, the complaint says Thorin complied with orders to place the guns on the ground -- and raise his hands. He was taken into custody a short time later.

    Thorin made his initial appearance in Washington County court on Wednesday, May 29. Cash bond was set at $15,000 -- which was posted. A hearing was scheduled for June 28.