Willie G. retiring as Head of Styling at Harley-Davidson

MILWAUKEE -- Willie G. is retiring as Head of Styling at Harley-Davidson after nearly five decades in the position. He will stay connected to the company as Chief Styling Officer Emeritus.

In a statement from Harley-Davidson Friday evening, H-D President and CEO said of Willie G., “Few individuals have the kind of impact on an organization, a brand and a lifestyle that Willie G. has had. Everyone with a love for motorcycles owes a great deal to his vision and talent, and all of us have been blessed by his presence. His legacy will continue to grow, thanks to the talent he has nurtured in the Harley-Davidson styling studio.”

Willie G. will continue to serve as ambassador of Harley-Davidson. He will also continue to be involved in special design projects – going full circle to the first tank emblem he created all those years ago.